Supporting Biotechnology

Today more than ever it is important to support the agricultural industry as a whole. There are many special interest groups out there trying to push their own agendas on the general public. So please support efforts such as the one I’ve shared below to show our newest technologies in a positive light.

Letter circulating supports biotechnology

CropLife America  |   September 23, 2013

CropLife America joined a number of allies in signing on to a letter to World Food Prize president Kenneth Quinn in support of modern agriculture, specifically the role of biotechnology in helping to feed the world.

It also expresses appreciation for the theme and honorees of this year’s World Food Prize.

The event, which will be held in Des Moines in mid-October, is unfortunately being criticized in some NGO activist circles for honoring three leaders in agricultural biotechnology research.

This letter serves a similar purpose as that which was signed last year and sent to the President supporting the role of ag innovation in feeding the world.

Public opinion surrounding GMOs seems to be slowly shifting, and this is just another step on the road to increasing public knowledge and consideration of the great potential of this technology.

To read the letter click here.


– Rob Shields, Agronomist