Grain Plant Hours for September 28 & 29

The Adams grain plant will be open on Saturday, September 28, from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. and by appointment. The Mauston, West Salem, and Tomah grain plants will be open by appointment only. Please call the following numbers for service this weekend.

Adams grain plant: (608) 339-0357

Mauston grain plant: (608)547-8302

Tomah grain plant: (608)547-6149

West Salem grain plant: (608)799-3622

– David Rappa, Director of Grain

Mauston Grain Plant Fully Operational

The Mauston Grain Plant is up and running and ready to meet all of your needs during the upcoming fall harvest.  While we did close the plant recently to make repairs, the site is once again fully operational.  Customers shouldn’t notice any changes or delays.

We look forward to working with you during the busy harvest season ahead.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Mauston Grain Plant, please call Ray Demaskie at (608) 847-5212 or David Rappa at (608) 372-2090.

Mauston Grain Plant Temporarily Closed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mauston grain plant will be out of service for an indefinite length of time. We hope to have the plant up and running as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you. Please check back here for further updates on when the plant will re-open.

Due to the Mauston location being closed, we will be handling grain services for Mauston out of our other locations. We will be accepting wheat at our Adams location and oats at our West Salem location. Please call our marketing staff at 608-339-0357 to arrange transportation, or if you have any questions on pricing at the other facilities. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can contact David Rappa at 608-547-6149.

Armyworms ATTACK area corn fields

Please keep a close eye on your corn fields, especially those with a lot of trash or weeds. These photos taken by Wayne Roemer, an Agronomist out of our Plover location, show the extreme damage they cause. Wayne took these photos 8 miles south of Waupaca. Sally Turpin, an Agronomist out of our Mauston location, also found a heavily damaged field just north of Mauston. This pest moves rapidly and can leave only the stalk and mid rib on the corn plant. It is important to spray before the damage gets this bad. Please let us know if you need any help checking your fields.

– Rob Shields, Agronomist

Armyworms in Waushara county.

Armyworms in Waushara county.

Armyworms in Waushara county.

Armyworms in Waushara county.

Armyworm damage north of Mauston.

Armyworm damage north of Mauston.