First tassels and fresh silk seen!

Corn is moving along rapidly now with this heat. I had a customer send me some photos last night from his fields showing the first tassels emerging and even some fresh silk present. These photos were taken from north western Columbia county.

– Rob Shields, Agronomist

First tassels

First tassels

Fresh silk

Fresh silk



July Crop Update


Late blight has been found in a potato field west of Plainfield last Friday, 6/28. With late blight in the area it is important to step up your fungicide program by shortening intervals and using premium products. Be sure to be scouting shaded East borders as they remain wetter later in the day and are therefore at a higher risk of infection by late blight especially if you are spraying by air only. This week we are fighting 3rd and 4th instar Colorado potato beetle larvae who survived earlier insecticide applications especially on edges.


In corn, we are making sure that the fields are weed free and continue monitoring for foliar diseases and insects. Our black light trap moth counts have remained low for most corn insects. We are seeing quite a few rose chafer beetles in several fields in the area, yet we are not seeing much feeding from them at all but will continue to monitor them.


In soybeans, we are cleaning up weeds across most of the area this week and monitoring fields for early insects and disease.

– Otto Oemig, Agronomist

A USDA Plantings and Stocks Report Quick Hitter

The USDA released their plantings and stocks report this morning. Corn stocks are below average trade guess. Bean stocks are also below guesses. Acres are higher for corn. What? Really? Maybe they did this just to tell us they will resurvey. Also, these numbers are from June 1st. You and I both know things have changed since then. Bean acres are higher also. This I can believe.

Producers should be aware of the inverse that is hitting the corn and bean markets. This simply means that the market is not paying you to store your crop. So if you’re still holding old crop bushels, it is certainly time to think about moving some. Here at Allied Cooperative, we are keeping our inventories low so we don’t have to carry bushels into the future where the price is eroding. Feel free to call me if you need help sorting it out.

– Rich Dahlke, Grain Merchandiser

Insects attacking our alfalfa fields!

We scouted a lot of our producers’ alfalfa fields today. Second crop is well on its way and we are finding some insect pests. The potato leafhopper is one of the most damaging pest to alfalfa in Wisconsin. I looked at a number of fields today that will need to get treated very soon to take care of this troublesome pest. Also with first crop off, now is a very good time to topdress second crop with a mixture of Potash, K-Mag and Boron. Please get a hold of us for a recipe that will best fit your fields.

Potato Leafhoppers found today.

Potato Leafhoppers found today.

Rob Shields scouting alfalfa.

Rob Shields scouting alfalfa.

– Rob Shields, Agronomist

Headline® Fungicide On Alfalfa

Average total stem counts for sites treated with Headline were 31% higher than untreated sites.

Average total stem counts for sites treated with Headline® were 31% higher than untreated sites.

With the cold, wet spring and summer we are having, it is the perfect time to spray Headline® fungicide on your alfalfa. Headline is a fast acting, broad spectrum fungicide that delivers a high level of activity on more than 50 major diseases that can threaten yield and crop quality. We have seen tremendous yield increases over the past couple years using Headline; we also see higher quality feed as well.

Untreated plants vs. plants treated with Headline® fungicide.

Untreated plants vs. plants treated with Headline® fungicide.

Not only does Headline provide excellent disease control, it actually promotes improved plant health.

The unique chemistry of Headline enables more efficient nutrient uptake, more robust plant growth, and better stress tolerance to heat, hail, wind, and drought. Ultimately, this means healthier plants and higher yield potential.

Growers who have used Headline on their alfalfa report far less disease, more vigorous plant growth, higher stress tolerance, better standability, and, of course, higher yield — helping reduce losses and improve ROI.

044To be more efficient you can also run Ascend, Micros, and your insecticide for leafhoppers, Alfalfa weevils, etc., at the same time, greatly improving the health and yield of your high dollar alfalfa field.

To learn more about the benefits of using Headline fungicide on your alfalfa fields, call any of the Agronomy locations of Allied Cooperative and talk to one of our agronomists soon.

Thank you,

Izaak Rathke, Sales Manager