Watch out for moths

Much of the corn across the area is emerging and some is already at V1 to V2. With the cool spring we have had we are seeing a lot of yellowing in the corn as it emerges. Due to the cold weather, insects have been slow to emerge and migrate in. Not many corn insects have been observed this week. We will be setting up our black light traps later this week to capture and monitor the levels of moths in the area. Key moths we watch out for are European corn borer, corn earworm, black cutworm, various armyworms, stalk borer, and hop vine borer. We monitor these moth counts to better focus our scouting operations on what pests are in the area at what times of the season. Watch out for frost damage later in the week as it is set to get almost to freezing on Thursday across much of our area. Many times the cold air can settle into low parts of the field and do damage.

– Otto Oemig, Agronomist