Honor Show Chow Pig Feeds add Ambitine Feed Technology for More Aggressive Performance

honor pigsAmbitine™ technology is a blend of key plant extracts and acidifiers that support gut integrity and help support feed intake. Ambitine® supports gut integrity by helping to protect villi during periods of stress. The technology continues to take action reducing gut pH, stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes, supporting gut integrity, supporting immune-competence, and promoting a desired gut microflora balance. As we know, show pigs certainly have ample amounts of stress due to purchasing, new environment, feeding systems, transporting, washing, clipping, and exercising, so the addition of Ambitine™ to the Honor Show Chow Pig Feeds will be a great Addition. It can now be found in 209, 309, 509, 709, 809 and FINALE 909 .

Below is a summary of Ambitine™ Technology trials.


Feeding Ambitine™ Technology to Commercial Hogs Gets Results
The late finishing period includes stressors such as heat sensitivity and feeder competition. Ambitine™ contains plant extracts and acidifiers that support gut health and immunity during periods of stress for pigs from 200-220 pounds to market weight.
• In research trials comparing them to pigs fed diets without Ambitine™ Feed Technology, the following data was collected on finisher pigs between 200 pounds and market weight fed Ambitine™ Feed Technology
• Average gain of more than 3 pounds more than the control group
• ADG between 3 and 8.9% higher than the control group
• ADFI between 1 and 5.7% more than the control group
• Feed:gain between 1.4 and 4.5% better than the control group’s

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