What DO Stress Tubs Do?

For cattle, stressful periods throughout the year are inevitable. Weather extremes, calving, breeding, weaning, receiving, exposition and transport are all common web_stresstubpicchallenges our cattle may experience. During any of these stressors, we know from experience that cattle will react by reducing feed and water intake, which is the foundation piece for the decline in animal health. However, when an animal’s rumen is functioning optimally, it has the right balance of microbiota in a stable pH environment to digest feed more efficiently, making more energy, protein, and other nutrients available for the animal; which will result in improvements in production and overall health.

Is there a tool we can utilize to help manage for these challenges, and allow our cattle to reach their genetic potential? The Purina Stress Tub is a highly palatable molasses based supplement that entices cattle. It provides the key nutrients needed for a fully functioning immune system so that the cattle are fully prepared to face, and recover from the stresses of weaning and transportation, respond to vaccination programs, start more quickly on feed or return to their home pen more quickly. It provides the key nutrients involved in reproductive performance to positively impact fertility, estrus, as well as semen quality and quantity. Purina Stress Tubs are low moisture cooked tubs, so you can count on consistent intake and nutrient delivery that helps eliminate over consumption. As an additional advantage, these tubs also have a 12% protein inclusion.

Through utilizing Purina Stress Tubs your cattle benefit from the Diamond V Original XPC, unique metabolites responsible for maintaining a healthy rumen environment, and nurturing the rumen microbiota. The prebiotic-like activity of the metabolites help promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the rumen and optimize rumen function. By optimizing the microbial population in the rumen, cattle more fully digest the feed and make nutrients more available. Inclusion of Diamond V Original XPC has been shown to increase the supply of volatile fatty acid and microbial protein, which are major sources of energy and protein for the animal.

The ZINPRO Availa-4 inclusion in the Purina Stress Tubs provides the organic trace minerals as a sole source. Meaning, the Availa-4 performance minerals are included as the sole form of organic trace minerals you are providing your cattle, not a combination of organic and inorganic trace minerals. The Availa-4 minerals, (Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Cobalt) have a significant positive effect on reproductive performance, milk production, colostrum quality, foot health, immune response, and an additional impact to calf on side performance.

The Purina Stress Tub is the tool to help manage for the challenges your cattle face throughout the year. It is formulated for consistent intake, fortified with the ingredients to keep your cattle functioning optimally, and it’s available in 225 pound and 60 pound tubs for your different needs throughout the year.

Contact any of the Allied Cooperative Feed locations, or Dani Heisler-Wodill for more information.


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