Soybean Harvest Put on Hold

soybean-field-9-22-16I checked my rain gauge yesterday morning at 6:00am and dumped out 5.5 inches of rain.   That is another 5.5 inches that we did not need.   Area growers are anxious to start soybean harvest and finish up corn silage.  But mother nature has other ideas for us.   See the attached photo I took this morning on my way into work.   This soybean field, just south east of Mauston has the headlands harvested, but it will be a while before the rest of the field will be dry enough to bring the combines in again.  I keep praying for a stretch of warm, sunny, dry weather to help firm up our fields so harvesting can continue.  I talked to one area farmer earlier in the week and he predicted that a lot of corn will get harvested in January.   That is we will have to wait for a hard, deep frost to allow harvesting on some of these fields.  I will keep asking for sunshine, in the meantime please be safe when dealing with less than ideal field conditions.

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