Heavy Rains Hit Area

storm-moves-inYesterday morning we saw scattered showers hit the area.  By yesterday afternoon we had some severe storms hit our northern trade area.  My daughter’s cross country meet was cut short last night due to severe weather.  (See photo of storm front moving in on Nekoosa.)   They got 5 minutes into the race and the storm sirens went off in Nekoosa, pretty scary for blog-post-4-inches-of-rain-9-7-16a group of middle school students.  I followed their bus back to Mauston, and from Nekoosa to New Miner we only traveled at 30 miles per hour due to the lack of visibility from the heavy rains.

When I got up this morning I checked my rain gauge and I had exactly 4 inches (see photo).

Prior to yesterday’s rains we had plenty of moisture in the soil and I was actually hoping we would see some dry weather to allow for the corn silage harvest to be completed on time.  It is going to take a while for things to dry out now.

Stay safe, and hopefully dry. — Rob Shields, Precision Ag Manager

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