SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) Attacks Area Soybean Fields

In recent weeks we have seen the presence of SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) in area soybean fields.   It is imposds-9-6-16rtant that you ID this disease now.   This way you can plan to manage for this disease for the 2017 crop season.  In a few short weeks we will not be able to see the symptoms of this disease.   It often gets confused with BSR (Brown Stem Rot).   With BSR the pith, or the inside of the stem is brown, in SDS it stays clear or white in most cases.

There are very few options to help control this disease.   One great tool to consider using is the soybean seed treatment Ilevo.   Please talk to your local Allied Agronomy advisor to learn more.

The photo in this blog post shows SDS in a field I was looking at today.  Below are links to some tech sheets on SDS and Ilevo for your reference.





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