It’s Time to Check Your Planters

Yesterday we were out with Agronomy Advisor Marilyn Whalen and Precision Ag specialist – Bernardo Calo looking at a number of area planters. We were helping local producers confirm that everything is ready for the spring planting season.

If you haven’t done so already give Bernardo a call to have your planter evaluated prior to spring.  You may reach Bernardo at (608) 403-1163.Planter assements 3-10-16


Time to Evaluate Wheat Stands

With the recent warm up we were out looking at wheat fields just East of Arcadia yesterday. The stands we viewed look to have survived the winter just fine.  But a number of small broadleaves are starting to show up. Please check with you local agronomy advisor to make sure you have your wheat fertility, fungicide and herbicide program ready to roll.                                                                                                                   –Rob Shields, Agronomist

Wheat assesment 3-10-16 #3Wheat assesment 3-10-16