Second crop Alfalfa — Light PLH and Alfalfa Weevil pressure found

We finally have a nice sunny morning, and I’m out scouting some second crop Alfalfa.  I figured we should get it   scouting second crop done today with the forecast for storms tomorrow.    The Alfalfa is at 4 to 6” tall.  We found low levels of PLH (potato leaf hopper) and Alfalfa Weevil.    But with warmer temperatures these pests can advance rapidly, so I would encourage you to keep a close eye on your second crop. 

I have included a few pictures from this morning.  For some reference materials to help you identify these pests, click on the following link  AlfalfaInsectMgt by Craig SaxePotato-Leafhopper-Adult

Please call your local Agronomy Advisor if you need help checking your fields.  We like to check fields approximately 7 to 10 days after cutting.  — Rob Shields, Agronomist2nd crop weevil feeding


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