Weekend Grain Plant Hours

Allied Cooperative’s Grain Plant hours for the weekend of November 1 – 2  will be as follows:

Adams: Saturday 7-7; Sunday 9-5

West Salem: Saturday 7-7; Sunday 7-5

Tomah: Saturday 8-6; Sunday 8-6

Blair: Saturday 8-7; Sunday 8-7

Wisconsin Rapids: Saturday 8-6; Sunday 9-5

Mauston: Saturday 7-7; Sunday 7-7

We look forward to serving you!

Allied Grain Plants Busy Receiving Harvested Crops

The Allied Cooperative grain plants are going strong with corn and beans coming into the plants.  All of our plants are keeping later hours to accommodate our customers during this busy time of year.

With a forecast of rain tonight and Thursday, the West Salem grain location will be receiving grain until 8:00 p.m. Our locations in Adams, Blair, Mauston, Tomah and Wisconsin Rapids will be receiving grain until 7:00 (or later depending on the need.)

john a 008

Pictured above:  Customer John Anderson pulling on to the scale at the Allied grain plant in West Salem. John is 89 years young and still harvesting his crop. He has been a member of the co-op for 70 years. 

Grain Division’s Weekend Hours

Allied Cooperative’s Grain Division will have the following weekend hours for October 11-12, 2014:

Adams – Sat-Sun 7-6

West Salem – Sat 7-7, Sun 7-5

Tomah – Sat-Sun 10-6

Blair – Sat-Sun 8-6

Wisconsin Rapids – Sat-Sun 10-6

Mauston – Sat-Sun 7-7

Please note that hours may be extended if people are still running.  Please call your local elevator for any extended hours of service.

Precision Planting’s vDrive

Allied Cooperative is pleased to offer it customers Precision Planting’s vDrive, an electric drive system for use with 20/20 SeedSense and vSet meters.

“This brings single-row control and much more precise population control to the vSet meter,” says Jason Stoller, with Precision Planting. “Regardless of curves, ground speed, or prescription zone, it drives each vSet meter to plant precisely to the prescribed population.”

With the vDrive system, you don’t need clutches, hydraulic motors, chains, or cables. The system uses a 12-volt electric motor that controls each row individually and eliminates the maintenance that chains and cables require.

Simple row shutoffs help you plant precisely on the headlands. From the new population algorithm, you’ll be able to get high-definition population reporting. From the row-by-row target population control, you’ll have the ability to plant male and female seed plants in the same pass without modifying seed disks.

SeedSense draws on GPS, radar, and gyro inputs to accurately calculate each row’s velocity. The vDrive Module in the dust and moisture sealed motor assembly includes an encoder and closed loop control to maintain accurate population for each row.

For more information and photos click on the attached link.  2013-vDrive-SellSheet