Spider Mite Activity in Corn and Soybeans This Week

I have received a call from one of our Pest Pros scouts in the Grand Marsh area indicating that he was finding spider mites in both corn and soybeans. I also received a call from our Agronomy Advisor in Galesville letting me know that they are starting to find a few spider mites in the Trempealeau area. The following links contain documents on spider mites and products that you could use to control them. Please let us know if you need any help check your fields for these pests. Thank you.

2 spotted spider mite

Leverage 2.7 Leverage 360

mites on corn and soybeans

Soybean aphid information

Spider mites on Corn

Tundra Supreme


Yuma 4E

Pictured below is shows spider mite injury causes small yellow spots called stippling. (Marlin E. Rice).  — Rob Shields

spider-mite-stippling from Iowa State

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