Arcadia Co-op to merge with Allied Cooperative

Allied Cooperative is pleased to announce that the members of Arcadia Co-op voted in favour of a merger with Allied Cooperative.  The positive vote paves the way for the consolidation which will be effective on December 1, 2014.

“We are very pleased with the result of today’s votes,” said Bob Boberg, Arcadia Co-op General Manager. “Our members have recognized the opportunities that a combined cooperative can provide and we are eager to move forward as part of Allied Cooperative.”

Allied Cooperative’s CEO Timothy Diemert said, “We look forward to Arcadia Co-op members becoming part of the Allied Cooperative family.   We share a commitment to our members, employees and the communities we serve.  Together we look forward to growing our cooperative and better meeting the expanding needs of our members.”

“Over the next few weeks we will be developing a ‘next steps’ plan and beginning the process of bringing together our two cooperatives,” said Diemert.  “

The combined co-op will have approximately 375 employees and will serve customers from 32 locations in nine Wisconsin counties. Cooperative business leaders estimate the combined organization’s sales will be approximately $280 million.

Allied Cooperative’s roots date back to 1917.  Its services include agronomy, feed, grain, LP, refined fuels, hardware, tires, auto parts and convenience stores.  It currently has operations in Adams, Blair, Galesville, Mauston, Melrose, Mindoro, Necedah, Plainfield, Plover, Tomah, West Salem, Wisconsin Dells and Wisconsin Rapids.  For more information on Allied Cooperative go to


Cenex Recognizes West Salem Resident with Tanks of Thanks

Thirteen years ago Irma Euler put together a weekly card game as a way of bringing West Salem community members together. Today, at 92 years yIrma Euleroung, Irma continues to organize the weekly games and has as many as nine tables playing each week at the Westview Inn. For Irma the games help her keep in touch with friends and make new ones. Any profit made in the games is held in a kitty and used to put on a Christmas dinner which also helps provide a sense of community to the players and their families.

It’s people like Irma that go out of their way to bring the community together that define our hometowns. Cenex recently recognized Irma’s efforts with a $50 Tanks of Thanks gift card. Tanks of Thanks rewards people who do good deeds to help make their community just a little bit better. The Tanks of Thanks program encourages people to nominate friends, family and neighbors for free fuel as a way to say thank you for doing good in the community. Each month, 100 nominees are selected to receive free fuel from the program.

Irma was nominated by the staff at the I-90 Cenex in West Salem. A longtime co-op member, Irma says she has bought her gas there for many years. “The girls always pump my gas for me. I appreciate that.” Irma plans to give up driving in the near future – but she still plans to find a ride to the weekly card games.

I-90 Cenex in West Salem is a division of Allied Cooperative. Allied Cooperative is a $225 million cooperative with services ranging from agronomy, feed and grain to LP and refined fuels to auto parts, hardware, tires and convenience stores. Allied Cooperative has locations in Adams, Blair, Galesville, Mauston, Melrose, Mindoro, Plainfield, Plover, Tomah, West Salem, Wisconsin Dells and Wisconsin Rapids.

Now is a Good Time to Evaluate if Your Corn Fields had Enough Nitrogen Applied

Now is a great time to do some investing in your corn fields. Check to see if any deficiency symptoms are showing up.  Iowa State has put together some excellent information on common deficiency symptoms. Click on the following to read this informative data: nutrientdeficiency

Please let us know if you have any questions on what is going on in your fields. — Rob Shields, Agronomist

leaves firing up

Soybean Aphids Found Above Threshold in our Area

Please be checking your soybean fields, we found soybean aphids above threshold in the Oxford area today.

This is a critical time in the soybean development , pod fill, we do not want the aphids stealing from us.  For more information on aphids, click on the following:  Soybean aphid information

Please consider a product like Leverage to take down this damaging pest.  For more information on Leverage click on the following links.

Leverage 360        Leverage 2.7

Contact Allied Cooperative if you need help looking at your soybean fields.Soybean aphids today 8-7-14  #1

Soybean aphids today 8-7-14  #2

Headline on Alfalfa

Due to the wet fungal conditions this year, putting Headline® on alfalfa has proved to be a beneficial addition to grower’s crop protection programs. Not only have there been tremendous yield increases, but the quality of feed has improved. Headline offers excellent disease control while supporting plant health and growth.

The pictures below are taken from an alfalfa field near Trempealeau, WI where a test strip sprayed with Headline, Master lock and Arctic are being compared to alfalfa in the same field sprayed only with the insecticide Arctic. There is a dramatic increase in the height of the alfalfa where headline was applied compared to that of where it was not. Also looking at the leaves in the lower canopy, the Headline applied alfalfa has better leaf retention and outstanding disease control.

The application of Headline on alfalfa improves disease control in the lower canopy of the crop as shown above.

not headline

Here is a picture of the same field but in an area where Headline was not applied. We can see a clear difference in the amount of disease present. Headline clearly promotes plant health and growth.










Headline Applied on Alfalfa — The top row of leaves were taken from the upper parts of the plants and the bottom row of leaves were taken from the lower part of the plants.













not headline

No application of Headline — The top row of leaves were taken from the upper parts of the plants and the bottom row of leaves were taken from the lower part of the plants.



Alfalfa was taken from the same field, but in two separate areas; one that had Headline, Arctic, and MasterLock applied and the other where nothing was applied. The above picture shows a comparison between the two. To the left is the alfalfa crop that had the application of Headline, MasterLock, and Arctic and to the right is the crop where nothing was applied. The alfalfa with headline is obviously taller than the crop with no application. Headline also tremendously improved the leaf retention in the alfalfa crop. — Nathan Ausen & Alissa Geske








































— Nathan Ausen and Alissa Geske

Northern Corn Leaf Blight Found Today

The fungal disease “Northern Corn Leaf Blight” was found today.

Please keep an eye on your corn fields.  This is why I encourage producers to use a foliar fungicide.

Below are links to a tech sheet from Purdue with some reference material, and information on the fungicide  Headline AMP would have helped keep this disease away.

Please let us know if you have any questions on what disease may be present in your corn fields.  — Rob Shields


Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Early Northern Corn leaf blight found today