Soybeans Hitting R3 Growth Stage

The fields I’m in today are just hitting the R3 growth stage, beginning pod.   (In the photo below you will see I’m pointing to the first little pod starting to develop.)

R3 soybeans

Now is the ideal to consider Headline SC fungicide, optimal timing is from R2 to R4 (full flower to full pod).    Headline should be used at 6 to 9 oz per acre.    This is also a great time to add in a foliar nutrient product such as Max in Manganese (Mn) at 1 quart per acre.   Another product I would encourage you to discuss with your Agronomy Advisor is Ascend, plant growth regulator at 3.2 oz per acre.    Below are links to the data sheets for these products.  Please refer to them for futher details. — Rob Shields, Agronomist

Max In Manganese


Ascend Foliar Soybeans Tech


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