Time to Spray a foliar fungicide for Head Scab on Wheat

With Wheat hitting the Feekes 10.5 stage (heading complete), it is time to get your Wheat sprayed for Fusarium Head Scab. Feekes 10.51 (beginning flowering it the best time to spray your fungicide)

This is a devastating disease on Wheat. It causes low yields and can make the grain poisonous to livestock by producing mycotoxins.

We have seen this disease in our trade area before. The best way to control it is to spray your wheat now, once you have full head emergence, with a fungicide.

I would suggest using a product like Prosaro at 6.5 to 8.2 oz. per acre. Please use a lot of water per acre when spraying. In my opinion use a minimum of 15 gallons per acre, 20 gallons is best. Always check your fungicide label before making any applications.

At right  is a photo what wheat looks like at Feekes 10.51. Click on the following links for some good reference material from Purdue and Montana on Head Scab. Purdue Head Scab info   Montana Head Scab info

Wheat at Feekes 10.51

If you are unsure on your wheat’s fertility levels consider a tissue and soil sample.

Contact your Agronomy Advisor at Allied Cooperative for more information on Wheat management.

— Rob Shields


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