Treating 2nd Crop Alfalfa with Headline

Please schedule your 2nd crop Alfalfa, to be sprayed with Headline SC now.  Well it looks like most of the 1st crop has been harvested in our area.   Now is a great time to evaluate 2nd crop.   Check for PLH (potato leaf hoppers), pull a tissue sample to confirm plant nutrient needs, and pull a soil sample as well. 


Headline SC is a fungicide.   If you have not used it on your alfalfa before now is the time to try it.   Especially with all of the wet conditions we are having now.   If you compare the treated vs untreated, see attached information, the treated side it green from top to bottom.  This way more leaves can be harvested and they will be better quality as well.

Click here — Headline Alfalfa 2014  — for more information on Headline. 


Contact your Agronomy Advisor at Allied Cooperative for more information on getting more out of your Alfalfa crop.  — Rob Shields

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