Stand assessment for wheat, fungicide on oats and some interesting data on corn production

It feels a little bit more like spring today. I talked to one farmer last week and he said the ground was still solid 8” down in the field by his house. It will be warmer today, then it sounds like cooler weather is expected the rest of the week.

It will soon be time to review your wheat stands, so I thought I would pass on this information from the University of Wisconsin to assist you in the process …… click here

There has been some talk on using fungicide on oats, check this article by the small grain team at the University of Wisconsin if oats is in your crop plan for 2014.….. click here

Finally, here is some interesting information from the University of Illinois on corn yields …… click here

Have a safe week!                  —  Rob Shields, Agronomist

Hard to believe we are in a drought?

Are we in a drought? Well according to the US drought monitor it shows a lot of our trade area in drought conditions. I have heard a lot of different reports on frost levels, from 6 to 8’ deep. A customer came in last week and said that in the woods the loggers are not finding much frost at all? I still don’t think it will be an early spring, its warm today but the extended forecast calls for below average temperatures.

 Check out the UW site below to help you look at degree days.  Thanks and stay warm!