Should you evaluate your corn fields now for weed control? Yes!

Is now a good time to evaluate your 2013 weed control program?  Yes it is.  Once your corn fields are harvested, or even while you are harvesting them take a look to see what survived or competed with your crop this summer.

Crabgrass photo after harvest

This photo shows a field that had some crabgrass competing with the field corn during the summer of 2013. This matt of crabgrass not only stole moisture but crop nutrients as well.  I would have like this field to have been spayed again prior to canopy with some residual corn herbicides.  An example of a recipe that could have been is a 5# glyphosate, Capreno, Atrazine, Prowl H20.  Rates and products used always depend on crop stage and weeds present.   Always be sure to follow label directions, and in some areas of our state Atrazine can NOT be used.  The Wisconsin DATCP site has an excellent, interactive map showing what areas can not receive Atrazine.  For more on this click the link below.  Let us know if you have any questions this fall that we can assist you with.  — Rob Shields

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