Bring your planter units in now for calibration & cleaning

With rain predicted the next few days I would encourage you to bring in your planter units now for cleaning and calibration.  This will help to lower the chance of rodent damage by cleaning and removing any seed that is left.  By getting your meters calibrated and checked over now it will allow you time to discuss repairs and upgrade options. We use the patented MeterMax system from Precision Planting.  Below is a photo and some information from Precision Planting going over some important details of the MeterMax system.  Please contact Rob Shields at (608) 547-9865, Andy Christensen at (608) 547-8305, Cory Witt at (608) 797-3563 or any of Allied Cooperative’s agronomy staff to assist you with getting your meters processed early this year.

precision graphics

Why should I calibrate my meters on the MeterMax system?

The MeterMax system offers unique value compared to other test stands on the marketplace. Our trained technicians have years of experience and are trained by our experts. Make sure you work with a certified Precision Planting dealer. Certification means they have been to our training center within the last two years for all the current techniques. We ensure through a comprehensive process that the meter is calibrated to give the grower nothing but “picket-fence” stands. National tests showed a 10 bushel advantage with the MeterMax system. Furthermore, the MeterMax Test Stand is one of the few stands on the market that does not measure performance on a percentage basis. Accuracy not population – competitor stands that use percentages are not as accurate since 2 doubles and 2 skips on the stand would still equal 100%. This is not helping you as a grower achieve your maximum yield potential!

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