Watch for insect damage and topdress your fields correctly!

Insect damage seen in Adams County, WI, on July 2.

Insect damage seen in Adams County, WI, on July 2.

Over the next couple weeks, it will be very important to keep an eye on your fields for insect damage and to topdress your fields with the correct recipe.

With the increase in temperatures, we need to keep a closer eye on our crops for insect damage. Yesterday one of our scouts, Bryan Decker, sent in some photos of some insect damage in northern Adams county.

Also with the constant flushing of the soil profile we are encouraging growers to evaluate fertility shortfalls in their crop ASAP. When the need is established, a liquid or dry fertilizer recipe should be developed and applied to the field as soon as possible. A lot of our corn is at or past the V6 stage, when the number of rows around is established. We want to make sure that our corn has all it needs at this critical stage. Also in preparation for the rapid growth phase, V8 to VT, the plant is going to be taking up a lot of nutrients. Our agronomists have done a lot of tissue testing this past week and a lot of the samples are showing some deficiencies. The major nutrient deficiencies are Nitrogen, Potassium, and Sulfur. Some micros that have shown up as low have been Zinc, Manganese, and Boron. If you are topdressing your corn please make sure you are putting together the appropriate recipe for your fields. Contact one of our agronomists to assist you in this process. Thanks and have a safe Fourth of July!

– Rob Shields, Agronomist

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