Choosing the right fertigation recipe

Irrigation at BG 6-21-13 #2A lot of our irrigated fields are now receiving crop nutrients through the center pivot irrigation systems. Selecting the correct recipe is determined by many factors, crop present, yield goals, and plant tissue analysis. Pulling the tissue sample 3 to 4 days prior to fertigation is critical. This way the recipe can better reflect what the plants actually need at that stage. You can apply many things through your center pivots, such as Macro Nutrients (N, P, K), Secondary Nutrients (Ca, S), Micro-Nutrients (B, Mn, Zn, Cu, Fe) and plant hormones. Another option you can look at when fertigating is some of the products from Stoller. Two in particular to consider would be Bioforage and Stimulate. When you have shallow-rooted or poor root systems in general, an approved application of these two products can encourage a more aggressive root system. Please contact one of the agronomists at Allied Cooperative for further information on a recipe that is appropriate for your crop.

– Rob Shields, Agronomist

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